How to Choose a REALTOR®?

When buying or selling, its important to choose the right Real Estate agent.  Sure any agent can list your home or help you buy a home, but what kind of service and experience can they provide?  Here are a few tips and suggestions on making the right decision.

  1. Are they a full time agent?  If they cant give this business their full attention, they cant give YOU their full attention!
  2. How well do they know the market?  Its in your best interest to utilize an agent who works the market you are buying or selling.  Would you buy fruit from a cotton farmer?  Sure they are both farmers, but each have their own area of expertise.
  3. Are they truly a REALTOR®?  Realtors are members of the local, state and national Association of Realtors, and are backed by large groups that fight to make homebuying an affordable option for Americans.
  4. How long have they been an agent?  Experience counts!
  5. When you call, are you able to reach the agent?  You want an agent you can talk to, not just their voicemail or assistant.  Remember if you cant reach them, more than likely no one else can either.

Most of all you want an agent who you are comfortable with, the items mentioned above are important, but your comfort and confidence in a person is key.  Use an agent you can trust and depend on!!

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