Cape San Blas lot sales took a mild dip to just 10 sales in April.  More than ½ of these sales were either Gulf or Lagoon front.  C30 Corridor held the bulk with 6 sales, 2 for Indian Pass and one each on North and South Cape San Blas.  The average days on market were 202 at an average of $103,015.  May just might be the greatest month thus far if all 19 contracts close.  If you or someone you know is considering land in this market there are still 190 to choose from.  , Agents closed 6 homes in April, down a touch from previous months.  C30 Corridor and Cape San Blas North each delivered two sales, Cape San Blas South and Indian Pass each closed on one home.  The average sales price saw a nice increase to $618,867 and 210 days on market.  Currently 12 homes under contract and 59 remaining on market.     

North Gulf County had a great increase to 14 lot sales!  Opposite of what we saw last month, in April total transactions and days on market are up (214) average sales price is down ($19,993).  Dalkeith and Overstreet North sub areas carried four sales each, one waterfront.  Wewa delivered 3, Howard Creek 2 and City of Wewa just one sale.  As of now we have 9 lots under contract.  Few new lot listing since last month providing us with 147 options to choose from.  Homes sales are also on a nice rise for this market, we closed 9 last month, three each in Howard Creek, City of Wewa and Wewahitchka subareas.  The average sales price was $76,265 with 89 days on market.  We now have 8 homes under contract, and 21 available for purchase.

Port St Joe moved 12 lots last month.  City of Port St Joe delivered 10 sales, two of which were commercial, Jones Homestead and Highland View brought the remaining two.  The average sales price was $59,033 with 88 days on market.  Appears we didn’t close all that were under contract when last month’s report was compiled, but we’re still going strong in this market with 16 lots under contract.    Several new listings provide us with 62 lots to choose from.  April delivered another astounding 15 home sales, most of which are in need of some type of rehab.  We had one sale in Jones Homestead and the others all in City of PSJ sub area.  Slowly but surely, we will rebuild this City to better than ever!   The average sales price is still down at $149,203 and 74 days on market.  Again an astounding number of contracts on hand.  If we can close all 27 contracts we will have certainly made great strides!  As homes sell the inventory is dwindling down, as of now there are only 29 homes available.    

Mexico Beach experienced a mild decrease in land sales, to just 12 closings.  Seven of these sales were in St Joe Beach, primarily in the Highlands Subdivision, Mexico Beach carried four sales and Beacon Hill delivered one.  Our average sales price was $194,077 and 202 days on market.  There are 21 lots scheduled to close.  A few new additions in the way of listed property, bringing the available properties to 115.   Not much change in the volume of residential sales, April brought another 22 closings.  St Joe Beach lead the way with 9 sales, Mexico Beach 8, WindMark Beach 3 while Beacon Hill and Overstreet South each closed one home.  The average sales price rose to $278,360 with 74 days on market.  Things appear to remain consistent in our Beach market as there are currently 22 homes under contract.   Leaving 68 homes to choose from, if you’ve ever wanted to ‘flip’ a property, each of our markets have plenty of homes in need of repair.

The Port St Joe Marina was torn down this month with speculation of two years for rebuild, as boat slips must be reconfigured.  The Mexico Beach Marina is shooting to be open by Memorial Day, fuel delivery is still TBD. 

Don’t forget Mexico Beach is seeking volunteers on Saturday June 1 to plant sea oats.  Come out if you can 8am CST.

Team 98 is holding to our Top Producing Company positions in the Mexico Beach and North Gulf County markets!  Thank you all for your continued trust and support in allowing us to do what we love.  *My apologies for the delays on this report this last two months, as you can see myself and most every other Realtor in our area has been very busy.


Cape San Blas lot sales doubled yet again, 14 sales for the month of March.  Not only has this number doubled over the last month but also double over March 2018.  Three of these sales were in the North Cape sub area, 2 on Indian Pass, 5 on South Cape and four along the C30 corridor.  Not much in the way of water front sales last month, but we still averaged $123,365 with 273 days on market.  MLS reports 18 lots under contact, if we can close these within the next week, I think its safe to say April has been on FIRE!!  We’ve also seen no slowdown in lot listings, the Cape market now has 191 vacant lots available.  Finally a nice rise in home sales, March delivered 10 closings for the CSB market.  North Cape and the C30 corridor each delivered 4 sales, while CSB south and Indian Pass brought one each, the home on Indian Pass was Gulf front, only three March’s sales sustained storm damage, most of which has been repaired.  The average sales price was $497,728 with 91 days on market.  Like déjà vu, we have 10 homes under contract.  Between contracts and sales we are left with 56 homes on market.  

North Gulf County experienced a dip in March to only 4 lots sales.  While total transactions are down the average sales price is up to $30k and the days on market dropped significantly to 88.  Three of these sales were in City of Wewa sub area, two being River front with our final in Howard Creek.  Gratefully I had the privilege of selling three of this month’s four lots.  We have another 13 lots under contract, again several neighboring parcels being purchased by one buyer and still under contract from last month.  Plenty of land remaining in this market, 143 pieces to be exact.  The 4 residential sales were equally split between City of Wewa, and White City.  The average sales price was $195k with 104 days on market.  Two of these sales were on very nice homes, the fixer upper and mobile home drew this number down dramatically.  A few of the 9 contacts on hand are carried over from late February, scheduled to close in May.  Leaving behind homes 17 homes.

Port St Joe still stronger than usual in lot sales, March delivered another 8.  One each for Highland View and Jones Homestead, and three each for Oak Grove and City of Port St Joe sub areas.  The average sales price is up quite a bit to $80,013 and decreased days on market to 111.  April may be the hottest month in the last several years if all 20 lots under contract close.  This market is down to only 50 available lots.  March delivered 11 homes sales, all but three require storm repair, and all were in City of PSJ.  The average sales price declined to $169,682 as did days on market (93).  April appears to be even more promising with 26 homes under contract!  We have 33 homes remaining, 5 new apartment listings with existing leases that make for a great investment opportunity. 

Mexico Beach closed 16 lots in March with the most desirable area being Gulf side of Hwy 98.  Eleven sales for the Mexico Beach sub area and 5 in St Joe Beach.   The average sales price is down to $123,365 and days on market are up 235.  April may be our best month for this market as well, with 25 lots under contract.  Many new listings give us 110 lots to choose from.  The residential market only saw a slight dip from 25 home sales to 22.  Of course the bulk of sales were in Mexico Beach, then WindMark Beach and St Joe Beach tied with three sales, Overstreet South delivered two and Beacon Hill brought up the rear with one sale.  The average sales price is back in the Pre Michael realm of $254,882 with 71 days on market.  As always this market is highly sought after which is evident by the additional 21 homes now under contract.  There are now 67 homes available, with many being new construction in WindMark Beach.

Positive progress is still being made in all areas of our communities.  Mexico Beach is seeking volunteers on Saturday June 1 to plant sea oats in order to rebuild the dunes.  Come out if you can 8am CST.

Super proud of our Broker, Zach Childs for finishing March as the Top Producing agent Association wide!  He frequently dominates the Mexico Beach market but to dominate the entire association is absolutely remarkable!  Thanks to Zach’s hard work he was able to push us to being Top Producing Company for the month.  I am grateful to have redeemed my personal position of Top Producing in the North Gulf County market.  We cant thank you all enough for enabling us to do what we love!!        

MARKET REPORT: February 2019

Cape San Blas lot sales doubled over last month to 6 however still less than ½ from the 15 sold in February 2018 and the 13 sold in February 2017.   Three of these sales were on North Cape, 2 on South Cape and the final one in the C30 corridor.  Half of these sales were either Gulf or Bay front, averaging $131,499 and 153 days on market.  MLS reports 15 lots under contact, however three are listed by an agent who is no longer in our market, one is in litigation and at least one wasnt  properly transferred/marked during our MLS conversion.  (My apologies for the inaccuracies.)  The lack of sales isn’t slowing people down from listing, we now have 182 vacant lots available in his market alone.  Homes sales are down again this month to only 2 sales.  One undamaged Gulf front on North Cape and a great full time residence on C30; the combination averaged $454,500 and 133 days on market.  There are now 10 homes under contract, this number seems accurate as there is only one I know is a short sale that has been delayed due to the storm.  We have 57 homes remaining in this market, with the majority being free of storm damage.  

North Gulf County like Cape San Blas saw another drop in lot sales from last month, however the 7 sales this month are a more than the 5 in February 2018 and the two in 2017.  The average sales price was $19,111 with 437 days on market.  There were three sales in Wewa and Dalkeith, the 3 in Dalkeith were purchased by one buyer, while the remaining sale was an 8 acre tract in North Overstreet.  We currently have 13 lots under contract, again several neighboring parcels being purchased by one buyer.  Plenty of land remaining in this market, 147 lots to be exact.  The 5 residential sales in this market are consistent with last month and the last two years.  Four sales were in Wewa and one in Howard Creek with an average sales price of $107,200 and 76 days on market.  Numbers look to be on the up side for March if we can keep the 7 contracts intact.  (*180 Bliss Ln has closed, another incident of conversion mishap.)  We’ve sold a few, placed a few under contract and clearly added a few since we have 33 available this month and had 34 last.  The positive spin being we have many available that are move in ready, the downside being they are priced a bit higher than the average sales price for this market. 

Port St Joe has seen more lots sales post Hurricane than most any month prior.  Last month was down from January’s 12 sales with only 7 sales but still a general rise.  One of the four City lots was result of a demo, two lots sold in Jones Homestead and one in Oak Grove.  The average sales price was $63,393 with 156 days on market. PSJ has another 5 lots under contract. The number of available lots has risen quite a bit to 74 although not as many related to demo as we would imagine.  Again a slight fall from January’s 11 sales, February produced 7 closings, all within the City subarea, and only three of these homes were sold without damage.  The average sales price was $193,643 and 176 days on market.  Our average sales price is up a bit from last month, always music to a sellers ears.  March may be the month that blows the rest out of the ate with 19 homes currently under contract!   These homes are a mix of move in ready, tear down and renovation ready.  A few new listings brings us to 40 homes available, still a large portion in need of repair. 

Mexico Beach market is on fire!!!  Agents closed 22 transactions in February, unfortunately the majority of these lots once had homes on them.  Thirteen of these sales were in Mexico Beach, seven in St Joe Beach, one each for WindMark Beach and Overstreet South.   The average sales price was $194,227 and 93 days on market.  Again, many being Gulf front or beach side of Hwy 98, these are the lots catching all the attention.  This market is also set for a nice March with 16 lots under contract, and 86 up for grabs.  In talking with property owners, we stand to see more come available as insurance claims and lawsuits are finalized.  The residential market just as hot as the vacant land market in Mexico Beach!  February closed 25 homes, 11 in the Mexico Beach sun area, 9 in St Joe Beach, 4 in Beacon Hill and two in new construction homes in WindMark Beach.  The average sales price was $199,145 and 85 days on market.  For obvious reasons the average sales price is lower than usual.  However the number of transactions this February are nearly double that of this month in 2017 and 2018.  We currently have 26 homes under contract.  For those still looking we have 51 homes available, several have been sitting due to being damaged but priced barely lower than what undamaged values would be.  The appeals process for homes marked over the 50% damaged mark has closed however the City is still being reasonable with these request. 

Day by day we are seeing improvements and more business open.  The waterways in Mexico Beach have been cleared of all debris and crews are digging the beach to remove surface/buried debris to make our beaches safe for enjoying!  While the area may be tough to look at the beaches and waters are as beautiful as ever!  Please continue supporting our area, we need all hands on deck to recover!

Myself and 98 Real Estate Group are grateful for all 2019 has brought thus far and eager to see what’s in store!  Thank you all for your support and encouragement through these trying times.      

MARKET REPORT: January 2019

Cape San Blas lot sales took another small dip in January with only 3 sales. All three were in the North Cape San Blas sub area with an average sales price of $257k with an average of 66 days on market. The sale of a ¾ acre gulf front lot with 60’+ gulf frontage enabled us to reach the volume and keep DOM down this month. Not quite the month we hoped for but we look for the 14 currently under contract to bring the numbers back up. Pushing these properties aside the CSB market still has 170 lots to choose from. Homes sales are down a touch from last year and last month, with only 4 sales. Each of the sales were Gulf front homes with some form of storm damage. Three along C30 corridor with one on North Cape San Blas. Our average sales price was $440k with 182 days on market. As of now there are 7 homes under contract and 63 still on market.
North Gulf County lot sales increased not only from last month but also from last year. In January agents closed 14 lots! Aside from one 31 acre parcel selling at $117k, all of these sales were under $20k. The average sales price was $18,338 with 157 days on market. We are looking forward to a strong February with 12 lots under contract, with 155 remaining lots to choose from. The residential side of this market produced 5 sales which is only one shy of last January and a nice increase from December’s one. The Dalkeith subarea took the lead with two sales this month, while City of Wewa, Overstreet North and Wewa each had one sale. The average sale price was $102,500 and 117 days on market. February looks to be another good month for North Gulf County with 11 homes under contract. Of the 34 homes remaining, some are move in ready while others will need work.
Port St Joe lot sales doubled over every month in the last year with 12 sales. Two of these sales were in the City of PSJ, one in the commercial district. The remaining 10 sales were in the new Jones Homestead development. This area was highly sought after as they offered 2 acre parcels and this area endured little to no storm damage. The average sales price was $52,273 and 195 days on market. PSJ has 5 lots under contract, again the bulk in the Coastal Plantation subdivision. There are 65 lots remaining in this market. I suspect many more coming soon, as of last week 12 homes along Hwy 98 had been demolished, some we know will rebuild, but rumor has it the bulk are relocating. January was another strong month for the Port St Joe residential market with another 11 sales. Four of the 11 sales were move in ready or sustained only minimal damage. Oak Grove and Jones Homestead each has one sale while sub area of PSJ held the remaining 9. The average sales price is up a touch from last month but still down quite a bit from this time last year, at $163,528 and 38 days on market. Just as last month another 14 homes under contract however the bulk of these have some form of damage. Pushing these home aside we’re left with 32 available homes, only a couple move in ready.
Mexico Beach market is heating up now that homeowners are receiving insurance or discovering their home is over the 50% damage mark. January closed 10 lots. Several being beachside of Hwy 98 which was a near impossible find prior to Michael’s debut. The average days on market (271) are a bit high and not a true reflection of the markets activity. The average sales price was $173,600. Five sales were in the Mexico Beach sub area, two on Overstreet South and WindMark Beach the final in St Joe Beach. With 17 lots under contract, if you’re looking…don’t wait, the good ones are going fast!! We have 80 lots available, many of which were on the market prior to the storm. Residential sales are still low due to lack of homes remaining, here are the 11 sales in January, three of the 11 were ‘undamaged’. Sub area of Mexico Beach carried the weight of sales with 6 transactions, St Joe Beach closed 3 and Beacon Hill delivered the final two. The average sales price was $234,750 with 3 days on market. Looking at the 35 homes under contract, there’s no question this market is recovering!! As of today there are 47 homes still available for purchase. The City is working diligently to complete the new Land Development Regulations but still ironing out the final details. Due to the complexity and community input the January 10th deadline has been extended to February 8, 2019. While all the details haven’t been ironed out, the City has made enough progress many land owners are able to decide on rebuilding or selling.
Mexico Beach has been granted funding for not only cleaning up the streets but also assisting property owners in debris removal on their property. Gulf County has extended debris pick up to March 18, however they do not have the same funding as Mexico Beach, so clean up is still an expense to land owners and must be pushed to the roadside.
Myself and 98 Real Estate Group are grateful for all 2019 has brought thus far. Thank you all for your support and encouragement through these trying times.

How to Choose a REALTOR®?

When buying or selling, its important to choose the right Real Estate agent.  Sure any agent can list your home or help you buy a home, but what kind of service and experience can they provide?  Here are a few tips and suggestions on making the right decision.

  1. Are they a full time agent?  If they cant give this business their full attention, they cant give YOU their full attention!
  2. How well do they know the market?  Its in your best interest to utilize an agent who works the market you are buying or selling.  Would you buy fruit from a cotton farmer?  Sure they are both farmers, but each have their own area of expertise.
  3. Are they truly a REALTOR®?  Realtors are members of the local, state and national Association of Realtors, and are backed by large groups that fight to make homebuying an affordable option for Americans.
  4. How long have they been an agent?  Experience counts!
  5. When you call, are you able to reach the agent?  You want an agent you can talk to, not just their voicemail or assistant.  Remember if you cant reach them, more than likely no one else can either.

Most of all you want an agent who you are comfortable with, the items mentioned above are important, but your comfort and confidence in a person is key.  Use an agent you can trust and depend on!!

MARKET REPORT: December 2019

Cape San Blas lot sales this December compared to last is down quite a bit from 10 sales to only 4.  Three of these sales were on North Cape San Blas, two being Gulf front, while our third sale was in the subarea C30A.  Average sale price was $284,685 with 284 days on the market.  As of now we’re looking for those sales to double with 8 lots under contract.  We have 163 lots available.  December homes sales were down only by one from last year.  North CSB and C30A subarea each delivered two sales, with South CSB bringing the final for this month’s 5 home sales.  Appears a few were free of Hurricane damage.  The average sales price was $579,899 and 231 days on market.  There are 6 homes under contract and 55 to choose from.   In this market, we’re not seeing many reductions, rather sellers making repairs and continuing at pre-storm prices. 

North Gulf County lot sales saw a significant decrease compared to last year’s 9.  This December only brought 3 lot sales but are in line with post Hurricane sales.  I was fortunate to assist in two of these sales, both were to families displaced by the storm.  One sale each for the sub areas of Wewahitchka, City of Wewa and White City.  The average sale price was $12,333 and 120 days on market.  January aims to kick 2019 off to a good start with 13 lots under contract.  There are still 160 to choose from.  I love the diversity this market offers.  You can find property of any size in a variety of neighborhoods with and without water front options.  I was able to pull together the only home sales this month to another displaced family for a price of $107k and 117 days on market, located in City of Wewa sub area.  Just as lots, homes sales look promising for January with 9 homes under contract, a couple of these have lingered waiting for post storm repairs to be completed.  Most of the buyers I’m working with lost their home or have decided its simply time to be a homeowner.   We have 35 homes remaining to choose from, unfortunately not many that are loan worthy and this market is not seeing an influx of cash buyers.    

Port St Joe lot sales saw an increase over last year with 6 sales.  One in the City of PSJ subarea and five in Jones Homestead, four being in the new 2-acre plot development of Coastal Plantation.  In addition to the rarity of obtaining acreage in this market, the Jones Homestead subarea was unaffected by Hurricane Michael.  The average sales price was $50,250 and 147 days on market.  PSJ market has 8 lots under contract, many attributed to folks who have lost their homes and opted to start from scratch.  If building is what you have your sights on, check out the 71 lots available.  December closed 11 homes, another great rise over last year’s numbers.  Most of these sales were damaged homes selling at a reduced price.  Ten of these sales were in the City of PSJ subarea with one apartment sold in Jones Homestead.  The average sales price was $158,500 with 92 days on market.  We have 14 homes under contract, most with minimal to no damage.  This leaves 33 homes to choose from, a with few undamaged. 

Mexico Beach market closed 4 lots in December, one Gulf front made up the two sales in St Joe Beach subarea, while Mexico Beach and South Overstreet account for the remaining two.  The average sales price was $151,375 with 339 days on market.  Lot sales are heating up judging by the calls and 11 under contract. Several of these were homesites with great proximity to the beach.  We have 81 lots available now, many much closer to the beach than what was attainable prior to the storm.  Residential sales are still low for this market, but agents pulled off 6 sales in December.  Split 50/50 with damages.  WindMark and St Joe Beach each brought two sales, Beacon Hill and Mexico Beach each delivered one.  The average sales price was $338,515 with 96 days on market.  Judging by the 16 homes under contract it appears this market is heating back up!!  There are 57 homes still on the market.  According to Mexico Beach’s Mayor, Al Cathey, the City is on track to publish planning and zoning revisions January 10th, so many are at a standstill waiting to see their rebuild options. 

Now, just shy of 90 days after Michael’s arrival, we are still moving forward.  Debris trucks are still working overtime to clean up, all roads are now passable, and business are steadily reopening.  As I show property many are in shock of the ‘mess’ still to be cleaned up.  We have overcome much of the ‘communities’ clean up efforts, its now on the individual property owners to decide what they will do going forward.  While this storm brought much devastation, it will also bring a ‘fresh start’ for many!

It is with much appreciation and honor that I announce 98 Real Estate Group finished the year as Top Producing Company in the Mexico Beach and North Gulf County markets!  We closed 271 transactions for a total sales volume of $50,379,564, also making us the #2 company Association wide!!  Personally, I was fortunate enough to finish the year as Top Producing Agent in the North Gulf County market, now two years running!!  I closed 70 transactions for a total volume of $4,929,440.  I cannot express enough gratitude to each of you for enabling me to succeed at what I love!!    

MARKET REPORT: September-November 2018

Its now been 62 days since Hurricane Michael rocked our world! Still many folks displaced while their home is restored and many looking for a new home. Most businesses and roadways are now open. Due to the amount of devastation Mexico Beach is a bit slower to go than Gulf County, but positive progress is being made daily. Each day brings new hope as our communities are cleaned up! With this report covering September, October and November I was unable to elaborate as I typically like to do. As always if you have questions or concerns please call me.