Busy Busy Busy

Hey Guys!  Its been a little over a month since my last blog.  I do apologize for my absence!  My lack of blogging is attributed to all the lovely buyers and sellers Ive been busy assisting.  The Forgotten Coast doesn’t seem to be so Forgotten lately.  We have many new buyers coming from as far as Illinois, and as nearby as Panama City.  All of these buyers have one thing in common…escaping the chaos and confusion affiliated with the City life.  Gulf County and Mexico Beach are great vacation destinations because we do live life at a slower pace and truly appreciate all of God’s beautiful creations.  According to suburbanstats.com, Gulf County has a full time population of only 15,863, while Mexico Beach only has 1,072 full time residence.  This time of year I would say our population easily doubles!  Even with that, you can still get across town in the number of minutes as miles traveled.  If you havent ventured to our little piece of paradise, what are you waiting for???  Hop in the car and book your room on the way!  We always have vacancy (ok maybe not Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day)! Check out the area information tab on my webpage to learn more about this area!!

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